Vendor portal for global telecommunications company white label

Vendor portal design for global telecoms company


Vendors needed quick access to an easy to use portal to view invoices, payments dates, make changes to their account and request important information, minimising calls to call centres thereby saving costs and resources. The company also needed an automated system that sent alerts to contractors for task completion.


Taking complex information, breaking it down into sections and designing an easy to to use UI that was easy to navigate. Liaising with the developers to make sure the UI design solutions could actually be implemented on the limited SAP system. The company style guide was also going through a brand refresh at the time, so it needed to adhere to their latest brand guidelines.


A personalised landing page that gave contractors access and ability to edit their individual accounts and information. A notifications bar for them to view messages and alerts direct from the company to remind them to complete tasks and summarise latest actions and an easy registration process.

My Design Process

Discovery phase

  • Gathering requirements and research
  • Defining the: Brand/ User/ Goals
  • UX Workshops in ideation, personas, user journeys, user flows

Sketching and wireframing

Prototype > test > iterate > refine

Design high fidelity UI visuals, interactions and package up assets

Support build and implementation by developers


Multiple concepts were sketched out, wireframes made into a live Axure prototypes and tested on on users.  These went through many iterations and tested again. The final designs validated with the client.

Vendor portal wireframe

UI Visuals

The UI designs were restricted by the fact they needed to be implemented around an existing SAP system, so all designs needed to be validated with an SAP consultant. The design needed to be intuitive and make use of white space for easy navigation and make sure information wasn’t too clustered. The UI needed to conform to the company’s new brand guidelines – so there were multiple challenges which needed to be addressed.

Vendor portal for global telecommunications company white label

Global telecommunications SAP system design


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